Carworld 35th Anniversary


Carworld, the LausGroup's flagship company, was founded in 1978, the very first business venture by a then neophyte Levy P. Laus, who had been a banker before he decided to be his own boss. It began as an allied dealer of different automobile brands housed in a small showroom situated in San Agustin, San Fernando , Pampanga. Carworld started out with five employees.

In 1986, the company became Mitsubishi-Carworld Inc., as Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation turned it into its franchised dealer, and thus began a fruitful partnership with the Japanese automotive giant.

The Head Office and Showroom of Carworld, now located along Jose Abad Santos Avenue in the City of San Fernando. Mitsubishi-Carworld now has branches in Olongapo City (established 1981); Tarlac City, Tarlac (1982); and in Malolos (1994) and Marilao (1997), Bulacan.

Since it was established, Carworld has helped in changing the landscape of the area into that of a robust business district. Carworld's imposing stature will not only connote eye-catching edifice, it is also a strong manifestation of economic stability to its home city and province.   It has consistently ranked among 600 top corporations in the country. This notable achievement along with its geographic expanse where Carworld rises eminently is the busiest intersection in the North has shaped the evolution of auto dealership in Central and Northern Luzon.

Having been in the business for almost three decades, Carworld emerged and remained as one of the leading provincial Mitsubishi dealers in the Philippines. Its staying power has not only preserved, it has even commended through various citations it garnered through the years. Thirty six years of expert service, this is a tradition that Carworld continues to endure and sustain through time.